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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 28, 2012 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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nonlife-threatening injuries. quite a day already. right now, brand new stories and breaking news. jenna: new political fallout from the president's handling of the attack in benghazi that left four americans dead. we should say four americans murdered. senator lindsey graham joins us live with his take how this story has developed. horrifying accounts as a gunman opens fire at a minneapolis office. five people are dead. the latest on a devastating workplace shooting. plus, the investigation into the cause of a fiery plane crash that killed 19 people. it's all new, it's all live. it's "happening now." jenna: and we start with some politics. topping the news at this hour the race for the white house and brand new polls from three key battleground states. we're glad you're with us on this friday, everybody. i'm jenna lee. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for john -- jon scott.
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we're looking at brand new poll numbers that the fight for president obama and mitt romney remains close days away from the first presidential debate. "wall street journal" marist poll showing the president has a seven point edge in new hampshire and smaller two point lead in north carolina and nevada. that is within the poll's margin of error. meantime new "fox news" polling showing governor romney is losing some ground to president obama among likely voters nationwide. the president, now leading, compared to how things stood before the conventions, when governor romney held a slight edge. joining me now to talk about it with his take, stephen hayes, columnist for "the weekly standard." so since the convention, steven, you know the president has increased his overall lead by five points, yet huge numbers of likely voters, want to show you this, 73%, think that many policies need to change. how is it possible, i mean
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that's a big number, 73%. how is it possible that an incumbent leads when so many voters want change? >> isn't that an absolutely fascinating result? putting those two poll numbers up against one another. i think explained by basically two factors. one, the president still has an advantage at likeability question. you know, one of these things that is hard to test and there are reasons, reasons that we don't entirely understand, that voters choose one candidate over another but in poll after poll, president obama, still has an advantage over mitt romney on the basic question of likeability. the second it seems to me is that for whatever reason voters do not yet have a clear understanding of how exactly mitt romney would be different. this despite romney campaigning all over the country, running ads touting his difference, trying to drive a contrast, voters still don't see enough of a contrast, this guy, this alternative is the one we need to choose to take us on
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that different path. gregg: steve, on the economy specifically, a majority of voters disapprove of the handling of the economy by the president. take a look at this. almost 60% think his economic policies have actually hurt the economy or made no difference at all and that of course is by far the number one issue yet 50% say he deserves to be reelected. do you think, steve, people believe the bill clinton argument that nobody, no president, could have actually solved this in four years? >> yeah, i do think that had some effect. there is no question that president obama came out of the conventions with a little bit of momentum. you talk, it is not only showing up in the public polling that we're talking about here today but talk to republican pollsters polling on senate and house races and they will talk about what they call the clinton bump. they have seen it across polling in various parts of the country that voters who are asked a question is the
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country on the right track, is the country on the wrong track, which most pollsters believe the single best determiner ho will win in november, there was a jump in the right track number, even if they don't specifically agree with how the president is handling the economy, on the general question whether we're on the right track, they think we are, because you think in part democrats successfully pressed this message that nobody could have done better than president obama's done. gregg: on the economy, the president leads romney by one. on taxes, it is the reverse. romney leads by one. but on government spending, this is really amazing, mitt romney leads by 17 points. does he need to exploit that? >> well, yeah, i think he does. i'm actually amazed it is not bigger. there were 38% of the people polled think that president obama would be better on government spending? i mean, honestly i just don't have any explanation for how those 38% could believe that
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unless they're government workers. mitt romney should be pushing hard on this question of government spending, debt, deficits and make this much more of an idealogical argument, an idealogical case against the president. he is a big government liberal. he expanded government at every turn. he will expand government further in his second term. gregg: want to put one more graphic poll up for you. most voters, 73%, say they're aware of the 47% comment notoriously made by governor mitt romney. but look at this, 63% think he is right when he argues that too many people in america are dependent on the government. you have to add two numbers together. mostly true, 36%. somewhat true, 27%. might that actually help him instead of what the pundits and democrats predicted which was it was was going to hurt him? >> it's hard to say. there is other polling show the 47% comments have hurt
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him. i think the problem was mitt romney kind of tripped in that argument. he made an argument that had problems with it. there were inaccuracies in the specific charges he was making but i think it is indisputable his broader case is true. i think that is showing up in the polling numbers you just showed. no question that the vast majority of americans believe that there is this culture of dependency. that government is doing too much. that smaller government is better. it's another reason i think that pressing the idealogical case, would be a good move for the romney campaign to make. gregg: steve hayes, columnist for "the weekly standard." always good to see you, thanks. >> thanks, gregg. gregg: all right. jenna: breaking news this hour. new criticism of the obama administration's handling of the deadly attack on our consulate in libya. some lawmakers are now claiming the white house misled them by calling the assault, a spontaneous protest that spun out of control. this after sources confirm that u.s. intelligence knew the attack was a terrorist attack within the first 24
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hours. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridgewashington with more on this. catherine, when we say some lawmakers are making this claim we're referring to high-ranking republicans. what about the democrats? is this bipartisan this criticism in nature? >> reporter: it is now, jenna. good morn. late thursday we had a letter from the senate foreign relations committee, it is pa bipartisan letter and sent to the deputy secretary of state asking about more information in the security situation in benghazi and what they are doing to mitigate the threat and what they knew about the growing threat of al qaeda and islamist militias in the eastern libya. as well as the overrunning of the missions in egypt and also in yemen of the they are ask requesting a briefing right after the current recess. as you mentioned significantly the letter was signed by 19 senators, 10 of them democrats. the push for more answers is not limited to republicans. >> all members of the foreign relations committee
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both democrats and republicans are asking the administration for answers. this is now something that is certainly could never be colored as partisan. these are concerned senators and house members who want to see, want to know what's happened. >> reporter: i think it's worth noting this letter does not make any reference to the youtube video as inspiring that attack, jenna. jenna: interesting develop meant there, catherine. what about the new criticism being leveled at the cia director? why is that happening? >> reporter: one source told fox that benghazi seemed pretty black and white based on heavy weapons used and level of coordination. fox news told three days after the attack, cia director, david petraeus briefed members of the house intelligence committee and like administration public statements that benghazi was a spawned by a public demonstration because of the youtube video that spun out of control. homeland security committee head said he has deep respect for the cia director but while not discussing
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information but there is something wrong here. >> secondly appears that the from the intelligence community they did believe that this was caused primarily by the video and that terrorists influence, if at all, was minimal. >> reporter: u.s. tell against official told fox that the attack in benghazi can not be separated from the overrunning of embassy in cairo which seemed to inspire the militants in libya, jenna. jenna: hard to think about it today, catherine, thanks for your great reporting as always. a lot of political fallout as catherine talking about. what does this mean for our national security? what is the bigger picture about this argument who were told or who committed this attack? why does all that matter? senator lindsey graham will be joining us on set about a conversation of all that in about 20 minutes. >> there is only one way to peacefully prevent iran from getting atomic bombs. that's by placing a clear red line on iran's nuclear
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weapons program. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warning world leaders that iran is very close to building nuclear weapons. in his speech to the u.n. general assembly on the threat posed by iran making headlines across the globe. leland vittert is live in jerusalem with reaction there. leland? >> reporter: gregg, the most interesting thing here is this is the first time the israeli prime minister has really laid out what would bring about an israelly strike. the first time there has been a true threat made. it is on the front page of every newspaper here. here it says the red line, spring 2013. when he did up at the u.n. draw that red line it was at the 90% mark, meaning right before iran began work on a nuclear bomb, when it completed the enrichment process. that was definitely a movement of the timeline. there had been a lot of talk about a possible strike sometime before the u.s.
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election. the speech at the united nations seems to have pushed that off a little bit. the prime minister made a very tough case against the iranians for supporting hamas and hezbollah, both organizations that used suicide bomb attacks around the world. that was part of his case why iran should not get a nuclear weapon. of course the united states and israel has gone back and forth when and if a strike is necessary. the united states secretary of state sat down with prime minister netanyahu yesterday for a meeting. that is not the meeting that the prime minister wanted. he did want to meet with president obama. requested a meeting. that was request was denied. the prime minister offered to fly to washington, d.c. today to meet with president obama. we learned he is spending much of the day at campaign events. back in israel, we look again at the newspaper. not all the reaction is positive. next to the prime minister drawing on the diagram of the bomb is a headline a little bit making fun of him
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saying bebe, the prime minister's nickname, boom. one headline down here. they have had a caricature of him as bugs bunny drawing on the same diagram, calling the diagram a cartoon. there is feeling among some, doing that at united nations holding up the diagram and drawing the red line was perhaps not fitting the prime minister of israel. gregg? gregg: leland vittert in jerusalem. thank you very much. jenna: that is, sparking conversation at home. something we'll talk a lot about on the program today. a florida high school teacher on the wrong side of the law. police say this man tried to hire a mitt hit man who they say he was planning to kill and why. president clinton campaign coining the now famous phrase back in 18992, it's the economy stupid. talking about babies right? gregg: of course not. jenna: you don't do that at the campaign. 20 years later is it still all about the economy? we'll take a look at that just ahead.
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gregg: right now new information on some crime stories we're keeping a close eye on. a florida high school teacher is arrested for trying to hire a hit man to kill another teacher. james peppy was reportedly in an escalating spat with the victim. he has been suspended without pay pending the investigation. searchers are looking for a missing houston mother. 31-year-old michelle warner. she was last seen a week ago, the same night her ex-boyfriend took her son on eight-hour trip to see family. a killer ho escaped from a north carolina prison is back behind hours. james labb was captured after heading into town looking for water living on acorns for five days when he was on the lamb. >> listen to me now. no president, no president, not me, not any of my
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predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years. [cheers and applause] jenna: well that was bill clinton defending the president's handling of the economy at the democratic national convention which was a focus of mr. clinton's campaign, the economy, when he ran for his first term back in 1992. his campaign manager, james carville, kept the message firmly on track, coining famous phrase, and you know it well, it's the economy, stupid. that inspired our next guest in part to write his editorial this week for "the wall street journal" about how the economy could really end up dominating the debates and really term this election. daniel henninger, deputy editorial page director of "the wall street journal." the title, it is always, always, the economy, stupds. >> all presidential elections are about the economy in the united states. no people in the world
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obsess more about the state of their economy than americans and this election is no exception. jenna: based on news cycle what we're talking about when it comes to elections? >> certainly based on the news this week. so interesting to hear bill clinton there saying no president could have made the economy better. well the problem is the economy has goten worse. the report this week growth in the second quarter was not 1.7% but 1.3%. in other words the economy is going down at the end of barack obama's term. i think the american people are asking themselves, why is this happening to us? why after four years is the american economy still weakening and that's what i think they're waiting for mitt romney to explain to them. jenna: so why are the polls then shifting, at least looking a little brighter for the president this week, if at the same time we're getting this data on the economy? >> you know, that's the one thing we're all talking about, jenna, is polls pulling away from romney in places like ohio.
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i'll tell you based on my anecdotal evidence and some of the e-mails i get from readers who say, i think i'm going to vote for obama, that vote is not strong or locked in. some of those numbers that you guys were putting up just a little bit ago about the economy, and the barack obama and romney being close on handling of the economy and the state of the economy, i think a lot of those voters are sitting there waiting for one of these candidates to make a case to them why they would do a better job with the economy. i think they're waiting for mitt romney to explain to them why barack obama has failed in his handling of the economy. jenna: one of the things you wrote about in your editorial you say politicians, no matter what party, they see the economy in two ways. as a personal piggybank or as a mystery and neither will discuss it in public. what do these two candidates do during the very important debates, the first one starting next week? >> obviously barack obama
8:20 am
does not want to talk about the economy while he was president. his one word explanation for his problem is, bush, george bush caused all of these problems. the, unfortunately, mitt romney is in some way saying the same thing. he is saying the economy has been weak and bad for four years and barack obama has been president. i think that is insufficient. what people want, that is basically kind of a bullet point presentation. what voters are asking is, what did barack obama do while he was president to create such a weak economy? and they're sitting there waiting for mitt romney to give them that explanation. hopefully he will do it in the big debate next wednesday night. jenna: we'll see if he gets into specifics. always nice to read articles and thanks for joining us on the program. >> nice to be with you. jenna: gregg? gregg: police trying to determine what caused a man to open fire inside a business killing four people this morning. the latest on the deadly workplace shooting.
8:21 am
investigators blaming a bird strike for a fatal plane crash. details on the pilot's last-ditch efforts to save his passengers.
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jenna: right now 19 people are dead because of a plane crash in nepal. investigators say the aircraft hit a vulture just after takeoff today. you're seeing the scene right in front of your face there. this happened, again in kathmandu. the pilot reported trouble and was trying to return to the airport and the plane went down. the crash site was less than 600 feet from the kathmandu airport. the spokesman said they were from nepal and u.k. and china. passengers on board were on their way to the mount everest area to begin a trek. gregg: breaking news this hour.
8:25 am
minnesota police on the scene of a deadly workplace shooting the gunman opening fire inside a sign-making business. harris faulkner has been following the story from our new york newsroom. harris? >> reporter: the scene with the guy on railroad tracks, the swat member, sets the scene. this is mostly area where you saw a swarm of swat teams and dozens of squad cars. they searched the home of the man who shot up the signage company. they were trying to figure out why the guy would kill others and himself. this is the scene outside of accent offices. the founder of company was killed and along with three others. several others are expected to survive. witnesses say it was quite chaotic. people inside the company were calling 911 and passers by could hear the gunfire. squad cars and swat officers were in the neighborhood. incredibly, husband, father and grandfather has passed
8:26 am
away with other members of the accent signage family. this is a punch to the gut to the mostly residential area where it happened. it was a family-owned business. the founder started it in the basement of his home and named it accept so it would appear first in the yellow pages back then. back to you. gregg: harris faulkner. thanks. jenna: breaking news from minnesota to breaking news out of colorado. new documents in the movie theater massacre case just released to the public. what they're telling us about murder suspect james holmes. we'll bring that to you. plus it's been more than two weeks since a deadly attack in libya. four americans were murdered. and now a new debate rages in washington about who knew what when and why that matters. senator lindsey graham joins us next. ♪
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gregg: we're following some breaking news out of southern california. there you see a black mercedes. two individuals inside. the driver and a passenger just to the right of him. and apparently this is the 101 freeway. they're heading north basically out of los angeles
8:31 am
toward calabasas and the san fernando valley there. they have been followed by police. we can't tell you much in the way of details here, except they have refused to stop the heeds of l.a. police and the county officials there. but as you might imagine, it's just before 9:00 a.m. in los angeles, which is normally gridlock, bumper-to-bumper traffic. it is amazing that this slow speed has has gone on as long as it has, far as far as it has given all the traffic in southern california. don't know why police are following and don't know if they suspect any prior criminal offense here or, if the passenger is voluntary or a hostage. just don't have those details but we're going to continue to follow what's happening in southern california. and we'll get you the details. jenna: we'll be back to that in just a moment. right now demanding answers
8:32 am
from the white house on the attack in libya that killed four americans. congressional republicans and democrats sending a letter to president obama requesting a briefing in washington as soon as possible. senator john mccain, sharply criticizing the administration's initial response to the assault, take a listen. >> the thing that is disturbing about this is the naivete of an absolute fundamental ignorance of warfare. look, this was an attack on its face. the reason why -- heavy weapon, mortars. a well-synchronized direct fire and indirect fire attack. >> our next guest also doesn't feel like he has the full story on this quite yet. republican senator lindsey graham of south carolina joins us. he is on the senate armed services committee. nice to have you in set in person. >> thank you. jenna: go to senator mccain the points he made, the criticism of the administration. how do you think the way this entire situation has
8:33 am
been handled is affecting our national security? what is the bigger picture behind this event? >> we can't live with radical islam reining in the middle east. we need to pick sides. there is struggle in libya and throughout the middle east between radical islamists who want to take the word back to darkness, put women in soccer stadiums and kill them for short where we create trade and travel throughout the world in peace. it matters that the radical islamists are trying to undercut democracy in libya are driven out of the region and defeated. the obama administration is being overwhelmed by predic predictableable events. jenna: what do you mean by that? >> when qaddafi falls it is predictable that radical islamists will try to fill in the vacuum. you have 30,000 people take to the streets to mourn chris stevens. i've been to libya. most people in libya want to live in peace with us and have prosperity.
8:34 am
the islamists got 10% of at ballot box in libya. now they have taken to bullets, not the ballot box. it was predictable they would try to undermined this government. it was predictable they would attack the american interests. clearly the obama administration had a hands-off approach when it comes to libya. jenna: were fairly optimistic though. >> i'm still optimistic. if we had a president who understood the arab spring and we don't. jenna: what do you think on this one event, what do you think the message is being sent to islamists that you mentioned. whether militants, terrorists extremists however we to characterize them what is the message being sent in our response thus far to the murder of our ambassador? >> they're emboldened and enemies are emboldened and our friends are afraid. fbi is on the ground. if we treat the al qaeda elements that attacked our consulate and american citizens --. jenna: you're comfortable calling them al qaeda elements. >> that's what the secretary of state said there was al qaeda connection, al qaeda in the meg greg.
8:35 am
whatever you want to call them they're radical extremists that killed innocent americans and trying to undermined the libyan people. they should be held as enemy combattants not as common criminals if we catch them. jenna: we're waiting for fbi to get into benghazi. we're being told that the security situation is not secure enough for them to go in. something about that doesn't make sense. we're the most powerful nation in the world yet the fbi can't go into benghazi? why? >> when qaddafi fell the militias are providing security throughout the country and throughout different regions in the country. there is no strong central libyan army. john mccain and i went to libya months ago and came back, listen, spend all your time and attention building a national army to replace these militias, defang these militias. so you had a situation in benghazi where there was no police force or national army and the militia is filling in the vacuum. so our number one goal should be to try to create a national army in libya to
8:36 am
bring about security. the fact that our embassy was exposed should be no surprise. it was attacked in the past. it was a prime target for terrorists to come after and we had almost no security there. jenna: why do you think the president and his administration were purposely mislead you or the american people about what happened in benghazi? >> well one of two things. they're incredibly incompetent in their initial reaction to what happened. jenna: what should the initial reaction have been? >> the initial reaction should have been not to tell the world this was spontaneous riot minimum -- mimicking egypt. the explanation was not the truth. when you say it was spontaneous riot you lose credibility. it was a planned terrorist attack days or weeks in the making to be predicted. once qaddafi is replaced by a new group of people who don't have the capacity to provide security, if we lead from behind you will have more of this.
8:37 am
so it was very predictable islamic radicals in libya would resort to violence. we should have more security in benghazi, a very predictable place for these people to attack. the difference between a planned terrorist attack and a spontaneous riot is night and day. one can be planned for. the other you kind of overwhelmed by. jenna: four americans are dead in libya. >> right. jenna: i don't want to, to not put emphasis on that. our ambassador is dead, murdered by these people. >> yeah. great friend of the libyan people. jenna: also 18 americans have been murdered in afghanistan and we have 68,000 troops there now. this is an entire foreign policy discussion we continue to have to define our enemies and to really know who we're facing and how to win. why are we still having this discussion? why is this so difficult to do? >> the biggest nightmare, the taliban is for us to not leave the region, to have a partnership with the afghan people past 2014. my hope we would withdraw
8:38 am
most of our troops in 2014. leave 15 or 20,000 behind to aid the afghan army to make sure there is never a chance for the taliban to take the country over militarily. they know that. what are they trying to do? they're trying to break the partnership apart, the taliban. jenna: would you take the troops and put them in libya and go after the people that murdered our ambassador? >> i would work with the libyan government and the libyan people to have a joint operation to go after the terrorists. in afghanistan i would tell the taliban, you will never come back in power through the use of force. we'll never let this place become a safe haven for terrorists. we'll withdraw a troops substantially but we'll leave a follow-on force behind. your days of hoping to take this country are over and those brave enough to help us will feel emboldened and those that don't will be driven out the region and deterred. we'll be judged not by the day we left afghanistan but what we left behind. i'm optimistic general allen
8:39 am
has the right plan. the enemy gets a vote. they're trying to drive us out of the region. they're trying to undercut a new way of doing business in the middle east. why does it matter to us? if they win we'll never know a minute's peace. jenna: are we less safe? >> we are far less safe. killing bin laden has not changed dynamic. is anybody afraid to attack america after the killing of bin laden? this president has no vision. american spring. he has hands off, leading from behind approach. he wants to only talk about afghanistan in terms of domestic politics. i want us to come home but more than anything else i want us to come home based on sound military advice, not polls. it was never the military's recommendation to pull all the surge troops out this october. guess what? a month before our election. it was never the military's recommendation to announce withdrawal at the same time he announced a surge. so this president, president obama, has looked at afghanistan from a domestic point of view rather than a strategic point of view and we're paying a price. jenna: although all these country as we recognize are different. we like to talk about the
8:40 am
foreign policy overall. it is a big subject. senator graham, always nice to have you talk to us about it. >> thank you. jenna: gregg? gregg: senator, thanks very much. we want to switch over to the breaking news story out of southern california. see this vintage black mercedes. there is a driver and a passenger and they are being pursued by the california highway patrol. this thing started rough le 7:54. so less than an hour ago. and of course it is rush hour in southern california, although this is a car heading on the 101 north. not as much traffic as 101 south into los angeles. this is really a traffic moving out to san fernando valley and away from the downtown area. we don't know why this car refuses to pull over and stop. refuses to heed the warnings of l.a. county sheriff and chp. we don't know if the driver is wanted for a particular criminal act but now at a standstill because that's
8:41 am
how the traffic goes in southern california. it will be interesting to see if all traffic halts to box this guy in. but, the california highway patrol is being very, very cautious here. and that is because there have been a number of instances, including in los angeles, when people have been killed by virtue of high-speed chases. so police don't want to aggravate the situation. harris faulkner has been checking into this and following it. harris, what more do you know? >> reporter: they are now on one of the busiest stretches of the road in this country. this is 101 south through studio city where he is moving now. why we need to know he could have gone northbound and had a wide open track but chose this route for whatever reason. we've seen the guy sticking his hands out the window and they're trying to see if anybody in is in the back seat as well. this stretch of freeway is so thick right now, the main concern he not reach speeds of 80 miles an hour.
8:42 am
even in this thick, traffic, gregg, a few moments ago he was going upwards of 80, if you can imagine that, just barely missing people. look to the left center of the screen, see the squad cars are not even lagging behind. they're trying to catch up to this guy in the moments where he is so close to traffic, before he can speed up again. i'll keep watching it and let you know what happens. gregg: and i apologize. i thought he was heading north. in fact he is heading south on the 101. and this originated as i understand it in venture roo -- ventura. wee he will keep an eye what is happening and follow this slow-speed chase during rush hour in the los angeles, southern california area. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] inside the v8 taste lab. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. there's a pop. wahlalalalallala! pepper, but not pepper,
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gregg: apnow high-speed chase in southern california. it has gone from slow to
8:46 am
high in a matter of minutes. this is the los angeles area. it was the 101. a little unclear where it is now. but that black mercedes, a vintage model is stolen apparently. that is the latest information we have been getting. this began in ventura about, well, less than an hour ago. police have not, you know, tried to use a spike strip to blow out the tires. they haven't tried a pit maneuver even though the mercedes at one point in time, just a few minutes ago, came to a complete stop in the morning rush-hour traffic in southern california. let's go to william la jeunesse who is there in l.a. william, where are they now? >> reporter: gregg, they just, this vehicles you said, it started about 89:07 local time. the vehicle was going about 90 miles an hour weaving in and out of traffic. chp attempted to take make a stop in ventura county, he failed to stop, failed to yield. that is when the chase began. there are two individuals in
8:47 am
this car. they have been on the 101 south going into los angeles. they made, basically there is a break in traffic on the 170 north. they are on the 101 south going into l.a. we're told officers are getting in front of him as well. there have been three chp vehicles following this older mercedes. there are two individuals inside. one is wearing a red shirt, the passenger. the driver is in a white shirt. they have been making some strange gestures out the top of the sunroof. this guy has been looking really relaxed gregg, with his arm out the window, kind of like everything's cool. and is surprising they have not come yet to a totally dead stop, as you would expect at 9:00 a.m. in the morning west coast time heading right into l.a. and i expect them to hit even heavier traffic than you're seeing now. and the question is, will cph attempt to box them in as we're being led to believe they're now positioning some units in front of him, gregg? gregg: they have come to a
8:48 am
stop. they could use the pit maneuver right there where you bump the backside of the vehicle and force it to go sideways. you can't really put spike strips down. you would have to clear the traffic, otherwise you blow a lot of other tires out. and again, this is south. i had earlier said north. it is south. so the traffic is only going to get worse this morning. harris faulkner, you've been listening in to some of the traffic. what's going on? >> reporter: you can hear on the scanner traffic. the big problem, gregg, is exactly what you're describing. they can't really do much because there are so many cars in front. they're doing what william was saying trying to clear squad cars in front of the vintage mercedes, trying to clear that traffic out. he is now by universal. he is driving out of the valley. it will only get thicker. we may see him slow down again. and here it is, gregg. gregg: you know, i'm actually impressed the traffic before 9:00 a.m. heading into los angeles on the 101 can even move.
8:49 am
usually is a nightmare. if you really want to get to work in downtown l.a., you have to leave like 4:30, 5:00 in the morning. here it is, maybe they have been improved it since i lived there, or looks like they have now cleared some of the traffic in front. that could be it. we'll continue to follow this car chase in southern california. gecko (clearing thro) thank you, mr. speaker, uh, members of congress. in celebration of over 75 years of our government employees insurance company, or most of you know it. ...i propose savings for everyone! i'm talking hundreds here... and furthermore.. newcaster: breaking news. the gecko is demanding free pudding. and political parties that are actual parties! with cake! and presents! ah, that was good. too bad nobody could hear me. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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8:52 am
jenna: "happening now", stop-and-go traffic out west where we're watching a stop and go car chase, really. that is the best way to describe it. it is not high speed by any stretch of the imagination. it started off that way. as helicopter camera shot pulled in you have a better idea what car we're watching. it is a vintage mercedes. gregg and i are both from california. we can describe it as a
8:53 am
california style car chase. gregg: laid-back. jenna: laid-back. sun roof is open and windows are down and they're sort of cruising along because, well, they don't really have anywhere to go at this point, gregg. where are they headed? gregg: they never get away with it. but our viewers may be saying to themselves, why don't they just, you know, block the car or rear end it or something like that? you don't want to make the situation worse. you don't want to injure other vehicles and passengers and cars. looks like, jenna, police have done a very good job, california highway patrol, diverting a lot of traffic that is ahead on the 101. plus we're also told that the traffic is incredibly light this morning and, boy, i couldn't tell you why because normally before 9:00 a.m. it is just bumper-to-bumper on the 101. but there it is. they may try a spike strip to blow the tires out if they get enough of the other traffic away.
8:54 am
jenna: there is closer shot there. still no word who is inside the car. we do know according to reports that the car is stolen and police tried to stop the car. that was speeding earlier on. and weren't able to stop it the right now the l.a.p.d. as well as l.a. county sheriffs helicopters are overhead. we see this a lot out in california. william la jeunesse hanging out and watching this as well. william, we see really law enforcement in california we see them getting a little closer here but tend to hold back and wait out chases like this. >> reporter: well, you know one reason it is light, you guys, there was a jewish holiday earlier this week and some people took the week off. that is one reason. wait a second. they have stopped. jenna: pulled over. >> reporter: see if the cops pull them out of the car. they could pull up alongside and chose own not to box him in. i don't understand why. conflicting information. we have a passenger getting out right now. jenna: standing what looks like overpass, william.
8:55 am
any idea how high that is? >> reporter: no. i'm getting good 16 to 18 feet. jenna: sort of a difficult shot here. looking at another shot up on the screen. couple shots available to us. looks like there are four police cars right behind the cars. there is the full shot. you see the officer is behind the doors there. one person got out of the car on the right-hand side. you saw them inside doing something. we don't know what. gregg: usually they get instructions over the loudspeaker that these vehicles are equipped with. all the police vehicles are equipped with it. looks like they didn't want to get too far in front of him. you never know if they have a weapon. yes, get down on the ground. keep your hands up. he will lie entirely prone just a moment and then they will approach and frisk him and cuff him and haul him away. you have to be worried about somebody else might be hiding in the back seat you didn't know about. all kinds of things could be troublesome. so you know, you have to take it slow and easy but
8:56 am
this one took about, well an hour. but it is finally over. bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race.
8:57 am
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gregg: welcome back. israel not waiting for the united states, drawing its own red line for military action against iran. welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i'm gregg jarrett in for jon scott. jenna: it's been a big weekover news. hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee, and so far the obama administration is refusing to commit to any red lines while israel warns iran is just months away from crossing a dangerous line in their opinion, enriching nuclear material to a critical threshold that would allow them to produce a nuclear weapon. israel's prime minister yesterday making it clear to the international community if they want to prevent the next war, if we all want to prevent the next war, we must prevent a nuclear
9:00 am
iran, that was his mention. iran, in the meantime, is responding today, reserving the right to retaliate with full force against any attack on its, quote: peaceful nuclear program. we have the vice president of the american foreign policy con con -- council, so it's good to talk to him today. nice to have you back with us. >> great to be here. noaa-and-a-half it's certainly been a big week when it comes to iran. we had yet to see the red marker and the red line, was the prime minister's address a game-changing address? is the world a different place now that we see the red line from israel? >> no, i don't think it is. the israelis have been very clear about communicating their deep concern over not only iran's nuclear progress, but the somewhat disorganized state of international policy in trying to prevent iran from making further nuclear progress. and i think what prime minister netanyahu was trying to do was
9:01 am
to demonstrate in visuals as well as words that the israelis are still concerned, the iranian progress is still being made, and action needs to be taken. this hasn't been deferred, hasn't been delayed, the iranians are still making progress, and shoshed we. jenna: who agrees with that red line? is netanyahu's any red line even if anyone in the administration publicly states that? >> well, not necessarily. what's interesting here is there is a disconnect between washington and jerusalem about the pace and the gravity of the iranian threat. the israelis look at the iranian threat as an existential problem, we look at it as a grave international security problem, but not an existential one. of daylight between washington and jerusalem in recent weeks over the iranian issue. i think prime minister knelt an ya hue was trying very hard to make the general assembly an address where you close ranks and have a unified policy towards iran on the part of the united states and israel.
9:02 am
jenna: so do you think that we are closing ranks, that the disconnect will become closer together, or do you think it will remain? >> i think time will tell. there's certainly an effort on the part of both president obama and his republican challenger, mitt romney, to have a serious second look at sanctions, to try to figure out what additional economic measures are necessary to bring iran's nuclear program to heel. i think that, to a large extempt, is going to determine whether there is military action against iran. quite simply, the sanctions we've applied so far are not having the requisite impact on iran, and more needs to be done. jenna: that was a very interesting editorial in the ine washington post" this week, you said just to review for our viewers, the sanctions are working in some ways, they're not working in others, and can they need to be enforced greater, in your opinion. let's talk about what the american people should expect or trust in this process. you know, why should the
9:03 am
american people trust diplomacy when it comes to iran? has there been any evidence that sanctions or diplomacy in the past has worked with this regime and this country? >> well, those are two separate things, and it's clear that diplomacy, at least as attempted by this administration over the last couple years, has really fallen short. president obama famously talked about the outstretched happened that he was extending to iran, it was a happened that was slapped away. his policy has increasingly moved towards sanctions, and here's where the rhetoric doesn't quite match the reality. president obama talks a great deal about the fact that his administration has levied the most extensive economic pressure ever applied to iran. this is absolutely true. um, the pace and the scope of the sanctions that his administration has authorized is really a dramatic improvement over what we've seen before. but there hasn't been as much application, nearly as much application as is necessary to really bring iran to heel. so what we've within doing is we've been creating categories of sanctionable act difficult,
9:04 am
but we -- activity, but we haven't sanctioned the violaters in order for these countries and these companies to understand it's no longer possible to do business as usual with iran. jenna: we'll watch for that and see if the heat is turned up. netanyahu speaks today with the president by phone and speaks with mitt romney as well. thank you so much. >> great to be here. gregg: last hour we heard from senator lindsey graham slamming the administration's handling of the murder of u.s. diplomats in libya, and he talked about the reluctance to confront our enemies. a new fox news poll finding 43% of voters disapprove of how the white house has handled the response to the attacks while 39% approve, 17% not sure. monica crowley's a fox news contributor, radio talk show host; julie roginsky, also a fox news contributor and former adviser to democrat senator frank lautenberg of new jersey. good to see you both.
9:05 am
monica, democrats are becoming aggrieved over this. they sense, you know, egregious deception, maybe even a cover 'em. and yet you look at the president's overall poll numbers nationwide, he seems to be increasing his lead over mitt romney. is that because at heart voters don't really vote on foreign policy, or is it because they don't think romney is any more credible than the president on foreign policy matters? >> well, actually, gregg, if you start looking closely at some of those interim polls -- internal polls, if you start looking specifically at the question about job approval on handling of national security and foreign policy issues, over the last couple of weeks president obama's numbers have really steadily dropped -- gregg: but only 4% say they vote on such matters. >> well, that may be the case, but it is an overall picture when voters go to the polls. we understand we're in a war
9:06 am
whether we want to see it clearly or not, we are in a war, and we're not just voting for an economic steward or president, we're also voting for a commander in chief. there was a brand new national bloomberg poll released today, gregg, that actually shows governor romney leading president obama on the issue of terrorism by six points. gregg: julie, we know now that within 24 hours of this 9/11 attack that u.s. intelligence officials knew that this was a terror attack, and, in fact, they tied it specifically to an al-qaeda-related group. and yet you heard the white house, the administration including ambassador susan rice saying, no, no, no, that's not it at all. now, listen f deception and -- if deception and lies and cover-up is proven, this thing could spiral out of control and really damage the president's prospects, couldn't it? >> well, if you can prove deception and cover-up and lies. i think it was more incompetent and failure to get their talking
9:07 am
points straight. gregg: isn't that equally bad? >> i wouldn't say it's incompetence in terms of knowledge, i'd say it's in terms of language. gregg: incompetence in terms of ability to handle a crisis. >> well, listen, handling a crisis not in terms of the messaging, but in terms of how we address what happened in libya are two very different things. it remains to be seen -- gregg: the murder of four americans, the first time in 30 years. >> you and i agree. gregg: you've got anti-american -- >> you and i are not disagreeing on this topic. we fully agree that we need competence when it comes to policy, but it's very different when you're talking about one person saying something versus what the administration needs to be doing. gregg: listen, i had many, many more questions, and i apologize, but we have some breaking news, so julie and monica, good to see you both. >> thanks, gregg. jenna: we wallet to bring you to
9:08 am
some of that breaking news that's happening in pennsylvania. we'll get you a live picture as soon as we can. governor mitt romney's attending a rally there, he's at valley forge military academy and college in wayne, pennsylvania. let's go ahead and just take a listen for a moment. >> it is an honor to be here with you and to be here with these cadets and to be at this extraordinary place that so many presidents past have visited and, well, a president future is visiting today. [cheers and applause] i'm, i'm honored to have been introduced by a great united states senator. they don't come better than your senator, pat toomey. what a great guy. thank you, pat. [applause] congressman jim ger lock is here, appreciate his support and tom smith who's going to become the new u.s. pat senator that'll join -- u.s. senator that's
9:09 am
going to join pat toomey. thank you, also, to the president of this institution, the colonel james doyle, appreciate his willingness to open up this room for all of us to come and meet. [applause] it looks like we've filled it to overflowing, as they say. appreciate his hospitality. [cheers and applause] and anyplace, anyplace that can create the character of individuals that have been represented by this institution, which have included norman schwarzkopf as well as larry fitzgerald, we appreciate them and acknowledge the accomplishment of this institution. i appreciate the young men and young women who are seated behind me. these are extraordinary people, i appreciate the fact that they're going to be heading off in life some look, i imagine, to a career in the military, some instead going on to college and some actually in college as well. and some going to, on to four-year colleges. and coming out looking for jobs.
9:10 am
and i have to tell you that i don't know how a single person who goes to this institution could consider voting for the incumbent for president. and i say that for this reason: if they want to go in the military, why, he's planning on cutting our military by about a trillion dollars over the next decade -- >> boo! >> and if they want to go on to either get a job directly or go on to a four-year college and come out with a degree, why you know that 50% of kids coming out of college today can't find a job or a college-level job. so on both fronts this president's policies have not worked for the young people of america. and one more thing, and that is not only will they have a hard time finding a job given the economy this president's produced, and not only will they have a military that is becoming devastated in the words of the secretary of defense, devastated by these defense cuts, they'll also have hundreds of, well, thousands and thousands of dollars of debt on their shoulders that were amassed by this administration.
9:11 am
because the president adds about a trillion dollars a year to the national debt. so these guys, if they keep voting -- if anybody who's a young person going to college today keeps voting for the president -- they get more debt, fewer jobs and a smaller military. i represent a different course. i'll make sure the young people of today have great jobs tomorrow and a brighter, prosperous future. that's a difference between us. [cheers and applause] now, i -- it's been a bit of a coincidence of events over the last few days, but i'm honored to be one more time today in a place that honors the service of our men and women in uniform. i was yesterday -- [applause] i was in springfield, springfield, virginia, yesterday and had the chance to be with colonel leo thorsness who was the recipient of the medal of
9:12 am
honor. he served our nation in vietnam, was in a prisoner of war camp for six years. he helped bring together for me some 43 medal of honor recipients to support my campaign. quite a hero, i appreciate him. [applause] and appreciate the other soldiers i saw there. and the night before i was in -- jenna: mitt romney talking two big topics here today in pennsylvania, a key battleground state, by the way, we're going to be talking about in a few moments. talking about the military and defense spending, but also talking about jobs. one of the things that was brought up by daniel henninger on our program last hour is a question of whether or not mitt romney's going to put forward some specific plans, delve into the specifics of how he will be different than the president, and that's something you might want to watch for in this address. you can do so at, it's streaming there live. we'll be right back with more "happening now" n. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news
9:13 am
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9:16 am
jenna: well, the big headline from this car chase in california that we were watching just last hour is that no one got hurt, and the bad guys are in custody. however, according to our crew, gregg, a very anti-ically mack tick -- anticlimactic car chase. we don't want people to get hurt. gregg: i can just hear him saying, hey, dude, i'm getting out. [laughter] jenna: that local talk, right? gregg: look how he's dressed. that is so southern california. jenna: now we have a fashion critic as well as an anchor on set with us. that was a stolen car, a vintage mercedes, and apparently it was stolen this morn, and they were leading police on a high-speed car chase until it turned into a low-speed car chase, and these guys were arrested and taken into custody. gregg: they're going to be behind bars for quite a while.
9:17 am
♪ gregg: all right. governor mitt romney is campaigning today, as you saw moments ago, in the state of pennsylvania. he's attending a rally near philadelphia. governor romney is trailing in statewide polls, but earlier today he was telling donors that he is going to win the state of pennsylvania. really? all right, let's take a closer look at this battleground, swing state, the state of pennsylvania. here you've got 12 important battle growpped states identified in yellow, so let's take a closer look at pennsylvania. here's their economy. unemployment rate identical to the national average of 8.1%. the average price of gasoline has actually doubled in the time that president obama has been in office, foreclosure one out of more than 1,000, and the number of visits there, well, the president two, mitt romney four. that'll soon change. the population is 12.7 million. now, this is the important stat
9:18 am
here, 20 out of 270 electoral votes. so in terms of the electoral college, very important. a republican governor, these are the two main industries, health care and manufacturing. um, we're going to talk about coal in just a moment, because that is important as well. here's the real clear politics poll average for the state of pennsylvania. mitt romney at 41.7%, the president at 50 even, so roughly an eight-point spread. the president is in the lead. tom fitzgerald joining us, he's the national politics writer for the "philadelphia inquirer", and, tom, thanks so much for being with us. >> good to be here. gregg: is pennsylvania, poll numbers notwithstanding, in play? >> it hasn't been in the sense that there's not a lot of television didding as all -- there's none, actually, from the romney camp or the super pacs. we're kind of a little bit jealous of ohio because usually we're number one or two in the
9:19 am
nation -- gregg: what's the reason for that, tom? >> i think that there were other swing states where boston thought they had a better chance to make a play. but i don't think we can say that they won't make a play for here, it's possible. gregg: yeah. >> because, after all, at this point the old-timers say that at this point in 1980 ronald reagan was down about ten points in pennsylvania. he went on to take it. and in 1988 george h.w. bush was down at this point in september by about seven. gregg: you know, i mentioned to our viewers a moment ago the coal industry which is very important to pennsylvania. here's a headline from one newspaper in july, and it reads: pennsylvania coal companies announce layoffs. and the executives blame the policies of president obama and his epa. look, is that having an impact
9:20 am
at the polls? >> it very well -- it probably will. i mean, you know, the polls are what they are, but there's a lot of people are angry and upset at the obama administration policies and what it's doing to coal. listen, there's a -- the southwest part of the state, a very coal-dependent economy. now, cross-cutting against that is, as you know, the obama campaign has been really forceful in portraying mitt romney as like this rich, you know, out of touch plutocrat -- gregg: right. >> -- private equity guy, so there's cross-pressures on a lot of these guys between, you know, like, anger over what's happening to coal and also manufacturing. gregg: yeah. >> and sort of a, you know, there -- they're being kind of turned off by the barrage of negative ads that have not been answered. gregg: about 40 days left, so
9:21 am
plenty of time to run those devastating 30-second ads. tom fitzgerald, thanks so much for your insight. good to see you. >> good to see you too, gregg. jenna: new details on a hollywood actor and a deadly rampage. also, a host of new developments here at home and overseas turning into hot topics on the campaign trail.[ fe who won the week? er investor. our e-trade 360 investing dashboard shows you where your money is, live. e-trade pro is so usable you'll actually use it. and our apps are the ultimate in mobile investing. become a better investor at e-trade.
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jenna: back to politics in just a moment, but right now new details about the mental health of a former "sons of anarchy" actor. johnny lewis is suspected of killing his elderly landlady before his own death. harris is looking into it. >> reporter: yes, jenna, we are learning much more about the scene police found. neighbors reported they could hear screams from coming inside that hillside home.
9:25 am
the body of hollywood comedy act or in the driveway, and then when they went inside, police coming across the landlady. about the death of actor johnny lewis right now, police are saying they don't know if he fell or if he jumped and landed on the driveway. that's part of what they're looking into today. viewers may know lewis for his role at kip on the cable tv show, "sons of anarchy." police had lewis on their radar. they had serious concerns about his mental health. this summer johnny lewis was sentenced for trying to break into a woman's home in santa monica, and at one point in that he faced eight felony charges. he was given three years' probation. at the scene outside that home, a neighbor and a handyman were beaten as well. they say that lewis beat them up. they also found the body of a cat inside the landlady's home. jenna: a lot of questions remain there. harris, thank you.
9:26 am
>> reporter: sure. gregg: new questions about the obama administration's handling of a terror attack that killed four americans at the u.s. consulate in libya. some political watchers are saying governor romney could be on the brink of a campaign surge ahead of the crucial debates, and both candidates hit the trail this week in the same swing states on the same days. who won the week? bob beckel is cohost of "the five" and a former democratic campaign manager. ed rollins has lots of experience managing republican campaigns including ronald reagan's. they were just talking about the '76 convention during the break. i love listening to that stuff. all right, bob, tough week for the president? who won the week? >> well, i think, look, this is not a foreign policy election, and there's not a lot of people who get up in the morning who say, gee, that libya thing is going to force me to vote differently. the people who care about it are already going to be voting for romney. so i think if i had to take one back, i would rather have the
9:27 am
47% that romney said than the libya thing. gregg: although our poll, i'm sure you saw, most americans agree that too many people in this country are dependent on the government, a huge number agreed with romney. >> yeah. but the problem is a huge number of them are dependent on the government. i mean, that's the problem -- i would say on balance who won the week, i'd say about a tie. gregg: oh, that's generous. ed, i want to throw up on the screen a couple of remarks by charles krauthammer, conservative columnist, fox news contributor. the u.s. mission in benghazi went up if flames as did obama's entire mideast policy of apology and accommodation. but then he goes on to write, ed: yet romney totally fumbled away the opportunity. here was a chance to make the straightforward case about where obama's feckless approach to the region's tyrants has brought us. is charles right? >> charles is very right. i would say this, i gave you the week last week for the 47%, this
9:28 am
was the international week. the world was here in new york, this was a week presidents always come and dominate. this president failed to do that whether it was deliberate or whether it really happened. i thought romney had a good speech at the clinton forum which was a hostile environment to come to. i think he kind of got back on the campaign trail. i agree the week was very close, but i would give romney a little bit of an edge this week. gregg: did you see "the politico" story today? they make the following point, romney might be a very good and competent president, but he's a lousy candidate and campaigner. is there something to that? >> well, there is. you know, he needs to get back to being a salesman. he has made this whole campaign about obama is so bad that the country's going to look for an acceptable alternative. the strategy of the obama team is to make him an unacceptable alternative. i think he's done more to make himself an acceptable alternative. and i think the next three, four weeks he's got to basically sell what it is he's going to do with
9:29 am
this country. gregg: can we switch around and say the same about president obama, not a good president, but a terrific campaigner? >> well, it's both. i happen to think least a better president, but that doesn't matter, most of the american people don't think he is. why did he not meet with these heads of state, he went on "the view"? very simple, he's trying to get married women. he does very well among single women but needs to get the margin on married women down. so this is all about now demographics. he's campaigning, and he doesn't care about -- as far as he's concerned, he's in campaign mode, and he'll stay there. and he's good at it. gregg: how important is it for romney to do well in wednesday's debates, in all of the debates? >> if he doesn't do well in this first debate, the game is other. gregg: really? >> there's a lot of people starting to write it off now, the momentum of the polls is going towards the president, he's got to turn this thing back around. gregg: what does "well" mean in
9:30 am
your mind? >> he has to put some substance on the table that people are going to be talking about. we're sitting here next week, we have to be talking about how well romney did. >> romney also needs to come up with something he can hang on obama. i know they're looking for something like that. whether romney could deliver that is another question, but he's going to come up with a surprise. gregg: is old ad for, what, wendy's? amazing. you were behind that whole thing. >> he did that. he didn't have much beef against reagan, but that's okay. [laughter] gregg: bob beckel and ed rollins, thanks so much. jenna: they have quite a history, right? you wonder if the word solyndra's going to come up in the debate, right? you know that well, it's the solar energy company that went belly up with half a billion in government loans. now, apparently, there's another risky green investment that has lots of your tax dollars.
9:31 am
we'll tell you about that next. energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy development comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing generations of cleaner-burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self-contained well systems. and, using state-of-the-art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities
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and the environment. we're america's natural gas.
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jenna: right now after a busy week at the united nations, secretary of state hillary clinton is hosting government leaders from several countries to talk about the bloodshed in syria. the meeting comes as we're seeing heavy new fighting in the city of aleppo for control of syria's largest city. david lee miller is at the u.n. with more for us now.
9:35 am
david? >> reporter: since the general assembly began its meeting on monday, at least 489 people have died in syria because of the bloodshed. and as you mentioned, there is now an intense battle underway in syria's largest city, the city of aleppo. witnesses say that the fighting is unprecedented there, and there's additional fighting taking place in and around the capital of damascus. a human rights group says that government forces there have attacked areas that are under rebel control. arab leaders in the new york are worried the conflict could spread and destabilize the entire region, and as you mentioned, hillary clinton is going to be hosting a meeting of the friends of syria. that meeting is scheduled to take place in about 15 minutes, actually a few blocks away from the united nations. that group will include representatives of france, saudi arabia and turkey, and more than one dozen other nations. and for the very first time,
9:36 am
iraq will be joining that group. syrian activists have flown into the united states in order to attend that meeting. the group is going to focus on support for the opposition, humanitarian assistance and putting international pressure on the regime of bashar assad. russia's foreign minister says that russia will not offer exile for assad. russia, which has so far vetoed three u.n. resolutions, is expected to speak in the afternoon here at the united nations. russia says that if assad decides to step down, that is entirely going to be his decision. and lastly, spotted now in new york, syria's foreign minister. he is here to attend the general assembly meeting. he will speak to the ga on monday. many will be listening to see if syria at all modifies its position, it's going to take any steps to try and reduce the bloodshed. jenna in. jenna: we'll pay close attention to all of those remarks, david
9:37 am
lee. thank you. gregg: another solar power company getting a big boost from taxpayers worth nearly $200 million. the president of solo power says the guaranteed loan will be a good investment, but ohs are calling -- others are calling it much too risky with striking similarities to, yes, solyndra. the bankruptcy turned out to be a major embarrassment for the obama administration. dan springer is streaming live from the new solo power factory in portland, oregon. dan? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, gregg. solyndra, everybody knows, cost u.s. taxpayers $500 million. now, the guaranteed government loan to solo power was closed right about the same time as that bankruptcy. not surprising, the company officials here in portland did not want to talk about solyndra yesterday at the grand opening. in fact, the ceo refused to answer any of our questions even after doing other media
9:38 am
interviews. certainly, there are comparisons. they both use the same raw materials, they both make thin, flexible panels that are less efficient and more expensive than standard panels. going fore commercial and industrial building market. but environmental groups say it is still a good investment. >> any investment program, especially in early-stage industries, is going to have failures. the failures in that program have actually been significantly less than had been forecast in that there are reserves for. there's a 95% success rate. >> reporter: now, solar panel manufacturing has not had that kind of success rate, it's had a terrible track rate. in addition to solyndra, a company in colorado went bankrupt after spending $70 million from are a government lope. so if solo power fails, the administration will be 0 for 3. and analysts we spoke with are not optimistic about solo panel's chances. china is killing the u.s. on
9:39 am
costs and own a majority of the u.s. market. >> it's questionable at this point. it's uncertain if solo power will be able to produce efficiently and economically at scale. it's still risky at this point. >> reporter: and solo power expects to start spending your tax dollars at the end of this year. gregg? gregg: dan springer live in portland, oregon. thanks for that story. jenna: a little-known fact about the catholic church today, more and more married priests -- married priests -- are serving in parishes across the country. it's becoming more common and raising challenges for the church. laura green explains that next. plus, a frightening scene caught on surveillance tape, a man grabbing a woman, forcing her into his car, and police racing against time to find out what was happening here. details ahead. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives.
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jenna: welcome back, everyone. a case in indiana had a community really on edge after what appeared to be an abduction caught on tape. turns out it wasn't an abduction, it was a domestic dispute. police at indiana state university confirming that the suspect and victim of a reported abduction have both been found and are safe. yesterday campus police received a report about a man forcing a woman into a van which is what you're seeing on your screen there. listen to police describing the situation. >> this lady ran to the justice center, tried to get into one of the doors, the door was locked. she was bapging on the door. she tried a couple other doors. meanwhile, a silver or gray van pulled into the parking lot. jenna: not an abduction, but still doesn't sound good, does it? a man saw the video on the news and recognized the suspect as his son, and that's how they figured everything out. gregg: dad busted his son. new challenges ahead for the
9:44 am
catholic church. more and more episcopal priests are converting to the catholic faith, serving then in parishes across the country. and while it's alleviating shortages in priests in the church, it's also raising other issues. religion correspondent lauren green has more from our newsroom. >> reporter: in the last year, 15 married men have joined the catholic priesthood, and more are on the way. it began in the 1980s with a provision from pope john paul ii, and there's been about three a year in the u.s. father charles huff and his father were both just welcomed into the catholic church, and they are part of a growing number of married episcopal ministers, offering anglicans a way to join the church of rome. the 31-year-old, married to his college sweetheart, has two children and one on the way, the oldest just started school. >> i have one vocation, and that one vocation is to be a priest,
9:45 am
a married man, a husband and a father. and they have to all work together. that comes very practical to me. >> reporter: this doesn't mean the vatican is changes kids centuries-old rule about priestly celibacy. ordained priests are not allowed to marry. this is a special condition created for anglicans who are already married, but it does create practical challenges; insurance costs, housing, pension, liability, all potentially more costly for both converting priests and parishes. >> the reality and the difficulties of converting as a priest from changing from one church to the other, leaving the episcopal church, leaving behind your financial security, perhaps your pension, having to relocate. all of those things are, um, barriers. >> reporter: now, some parishioners tell us they actually feel more comfortable going to a married priest about domestic problems knowing that
9:46 am
he has a firsthand experience. gregg? gregg: interesting. wonder if this is going to open the door to changes somewhere down the line. >> you know, you would think there would be some changes down the line, but they say, no, we don't think so, but time will tell. gregg: yeah, exactly. all right. lauren green, thank you. >> reporter: sure. jenna: a heartbreaking scene unfolding as a man shoots and kills a suspected burglar wearing a ski mask only to learn it was his teenage son. we're going to have the full story on that coming up. plus, an amazing journey across the united states. we've been following this all week long. warriors riding for a cause. coming up, why these brave marines and some friends are making their way to ground zero. [applause] insulin users test often. freestyle lite can help you test easy. they need a third the blood of onetouch ultra. zipwik tabs target the blood and pull it in. call now for free strips
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gregg: right now a tragic story from connecticut. a man shoots and kills a would-be masked intruder only to learn it was his own son. harris faulkner live in our new york city fuse room. >> reporter: let me set the scene. a woman in new fairfield, connecticut, hears a noise and calls her next door neighbor for help. that neighbor grabs his gun and heads outside. in fact, he spots a guy wearing a black ski mask and dark clothing and opened fire, killing the would-be intruder. but as we now know, gregg, that person was a teenager, the man's own son. when police got there, they said tyler -- who's just 15 years old -- was lying in the driveway of the woman's how many with gunshot wounds, and the dad was despondent on the grass. as you might imagine, everybody from the police officers to the people who live on the streets are quite sad. >> lovely little boy, so it's just a tragedy. >> it's tragic, and it's going to upset this town for a while to come. >> reporter: it's going to
9:51 am
upset the town, and there's so many questions with this. you know, it was 1:00 in the morning. he was outside with a ski mask. mainly, police want to know if the dad's gun as well was registered. prosecutors, though, have not charged him with a crime. gregg? gregg: many people would say he suffered enough, but the law takes a different course. all right, harris, thanks. >> reporter: sure. jenna: now for this story, a good note to end on on a friday. we're tracking 12 of the toughest guys you will ever meet on their cross country bike ride to raise money for families of fallen and wounded u.s. servicemen and women. the warrior ride began last saturday in california, and check out this graphic. it's a long ride, that's for sure. these former marines and servicemen and civilians are closing in on that final destination, the world trade center in new york city. joining us on the phone is carlo, a former marine captain and director of the travis man
9:52 am
onfoundation. so, carlo, where are you now and how's the ride going? >> hi, jenna. we're in greenberg, indiana, currently, and we'll all be in west virginia this evening. we've covered a total of 2673 miles so far. jenna: so is the end in sight quite yet, or does it still feel like a while to go? >> you know, west virginia's going to be challenging and so will pennsylvania, but then, you know, we have our eyes on the prize, and we're really excited to get to the 9/11 memorial. jenna: it's an amazing journey, i'm sure, just to see the country in this way. and there's so many different ways you can fend raise for the -- fund raise for such a good cause. why a cross country bike ride? >> well, originally we started by biking from armington national cemetery in washington, d.c. to ground zero for the past three years, and this year we just kind of wanted to make it bigger and raise some awareness, so we decided this would be a good opportunity to kind of
9:53 am
honor the fallen heroes that kind of chose to serve selflessly, and this is a great, you know, way for us to honor their memories. jenna: i find that exercise sometimes is a way to really reflect. i'm actually running the marine corps marathon in honor of your foundation, carlo, the travis manion foundation, and on those runs, it really is a time for reflection, i can attest to that from personal experience. when you're on some of these long rides, are you reflecting on any one person or situation that's particularly inspiring you? >> well, you know, i was good friends with travis, we served together in first reconnaissance battalion and, you know, he was a great friend of mine. honestly, it's not just about travis, it's about all of those service members that have gone before us, like some of our dear friends here, they've served with guys like doug zumbeck and ray mendoza, and we look to them for strength.
9:54 am
it really is an honor for us to continue to serve their memory in our hearts. jenna: it certainly is. we're putting up some web sites on the screen along with some videos so people know how they can support you. what's been the reaction as you've rolled through some of the towns and cities across this country? >> well, jenna, you know, last evening we rolled into sullivan, indiana, and a commander wahl of the vfw there had about 150 people out for us, they had chili for us, they had eggs, we played corn hole and bags with the little girls from the community and threw the football around, and, you know, they embraced us with open arms, and it was really great. it made us happy, it made us proud to be doing this in honor of our friends, but it also kind of made us happy to be americans and happy to see people come out and pulling together for a common cause. jenna: that's a good scene for us to take in. and we're with you, carlo.
9:55 am
that's a long ride, and our hat's off to you on this amazing adventure all for a great cause, and we'll remember the reason why you're doing it as well. so we'll check in when you get to ground zero. good luck, no flat tires. all good weather. >> no. no. [laughter] thank you very much, jenna. have a great day. jenna: we'll be right back with more "happening now."
9:56 am
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9:59 am
points right now. the month of september looking great. lori and melissa, happy national beer day. >> bottoms up. [laughter] >> oh, my goodness. [laughter] [talking over each other] jenna: trying to get back to the subject. megyn: welcome to "america live", i am megyn kelly. this latest twist in the foreign policy scandal came hours after fox news yesterday confirmed that u.s. intelligence knew on day one that terror was


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